Skeena Geomatics

Surveyors & Hydrographers

Hydrographic Surveying

We conduct many types of hydrographic surveying including:

  • Multibeam
  • Interferometry
  • Sweep bathymetry
  • Single beam bathymetry

Skeena Geomatics owns and operates all its own equipment including the vessels to run these systems. Precision hydrographic surveying involves the coordination and integration of numerous components to produce accurate and precise results. Sonar technology must be integrated with precise positioning systems (GPS, RTK, Post Processed systems), inertial and non-inertial motion reference systems, sound velocity, computer and hydrographic software systems. We use all our own vessels where we have installed and precisely measured, tested and retested all mounts and lever arms and have been constructed for the purpose of hydrographic surveying. Our staff is well experienced with operation that all the systems in order to deliver the best quality product possible.