Skeena Geomatics

Surveyors & Hydrographers

Dredge Automation

Skeena Geomatics installs, services and monitors dredge automation systems used for precision dredging purposes. Operators of the dredges are guided by on screen computer displays which show the exact positioning of their dredging equipment allowing for the precise dredging of material. Through dredge automation, the entire dredging process becomes extremely efficient; reducing or eliminating under-dredging, necessitating a return visit to the location, or over-dredging, extracting more material than necessary.

Skeena Geomatics designs and integrates all the hardware and software necessary for this process. We have decades of experience in selecting the appropriate equipment that works with these dredges and will customize the solution for the individual dredge.

As a full service provider, Skeena Geomatics will:


  • survey an area utilizing different survey techniques dependent upon the area (single beam, sweep, interferometry, multi beam)
  • develop a dredge plan to meet the objectives of the client
  • upload the dredge plan into the on-board computer in the dredge – the dredge operator dredges assisted by an on-board screen guiding the placement of the excavating tools,
  •  perform real time monitoring of the dredge process. Clients are provided reports and / or a web site URL to monitor the dredge operation,
  • perform a post dredge survey verifying the exact extraction that took place,
  • perform quantification of dredge materials removed and produces new charts of the area.