Skeena Geomatics

Surveyors & Hydrographers

Core Sampling

What is below the surface of the river / lake bottom? What is the composition of materials which make up these areas? With Vibe Core sampling, you can extract cores, open them up and see what is down there.

Skeena Geomatics utilizes a coring system that can be lowered from a floating platform and has been proven to be able to penetrate all sorts of materials. We extract the cores, either open them up on the surface or extract the entire core in sample containers.

When sub bottom profiling, vibe coring is used for the verification of the material types that often can be seen in the sub-bottom records.

For our clients we have set up web pages such that they can view their data in real time. The web pages also allow them to download the data whenever they wish. The web sites can be secure, or open access for multiple viewers.

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